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Santa Fe, NM


Contract Work

SFI Press

I am a part-time Associate with the SFI Press, the small book publishing arm of the Santa Fe Institute. We produce high-quality, low-cost books on emerging areas of complex systems science. My work includes layout, copyediting, publishing, and promotion of new titles.


I work as a fact-checker for Discover, Knowable, and Mosaic, verifying numbers, quotes and broad premises for short, 150-word news highlights to 7,000-word, longform narrative articles. 

Non-Profit Communications

Academy for the Love of Learning


Founded by Aaron Stern and inspired by his mentor, Leonard Bernstein, the Academy for the Love of Learning engages adults and children both in Santa Fe and around the world in workshops, trainings and community conversations. The Academy's programming helps people reconnect with their innate sense of wonder and curiosity, approaching education from a holistic, life-centered approach. 

I have worked with the Academy for the Love of Learning to revamp their website content. I also helped document the first year of their Story Gathering program, capturing images and reflections of transformation as fourth-graders met with elders from the Santa Fe Care Center.